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Together We Grow
Together We Grow

Parent Teacher Organization

A Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is an organization of parents/guardians in a school which has adopted by laws, elected officers, holds regular meetings and encourages meaningful participation of all members. The PTO must be representative of all parents/guardians within a school, including parents of children in special education, bilingual, Chapter 1, gifted and talented and any other program.


  1. Primarily to encourage the involvement of parents/guardians and community in the education of the children in the school it represents.

  2. To advise the principal of parents' concerns and suggestions, whenever necessary, and assist school activities, if requested. In addition, seek the assistance of the principal when needed.

  3. To work collaboratively with the principal in keeping parents informed about school meetings, activities, programs, the Parent Forum and any other relevant information pertinent to school matters.

  4. To recommend to the Superintendent, whenever appropriate, the development or services, resources and/or programs necessary for parental leadership and input and to advise him/her of parental community concerns dealing with the education of children in the district.



Kaela Quince-McMillian-President

TeAsia Chandler-Vice President

Ebony Cuevas-Treasurer

Anna Lambert-Treasurer

Rocio Pena-Secretary

Milda Duarte-CoSecretary