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Contact Cheryl Maas  Cheryl Maas Staff
Affirmative Action Representative
Contact Laura Almanzar  Laura Almanzar Teacher
HIB Specialists
Contact Cheryl Maas  Cheryl Maas Staff
Contact Nicholas Toscano  Nicholas Toscano Teacher
District/School Grade Report

Paterson Public Schools

PPS ABR Grade is 65 out of 78 points

District HIB Coordinator

Nicole Y. Payne 


School One

School One ABR is 74 out of 78 points

HIB School Specialists

Cheryl Mass 

Nicholas Toscano

Administration and Staff

Contact JoAnn Barca  JoAnn Barca Principal
Contact Rosa Colon  Rosa Colon Staff
Contact Laura Almanzar  Laura Almanzar Teacher
Contact Megan Anderson  Megan Anderson Teacher
Contact Lisa Bauch  Lisa Bauch Teacher
Contact Brigit Calenda  Brigit Calenda Teacher
Contact Tonia Cole  Tonia Cole Teacher
Contact Francesca Collado  Francesca Collado Staff
Contact Stefanie Dilauri  Stefanie Dilauri Teacher
Contact Vermadeine Garner  Vermadeine Garner Teacher
Contact Melissa Gentiluomo  Melissa Gentiluomo Teacher
Contact Lili Han  Lili Han Teacher
Contact Sunjoo Kim  Sunjoo Kim Teacher
Contact Christiana Latunde  Christiana Latunde Teacher
Contact Tanya Lee-OConnor  Tanya Lee-OConnor Staff
Contact Nicole Lovell  Nicole Lovell Teacher
Contact Mary McCaffrey  Mary McCaffrey Teacher
Contact Marisol Mexido  Marisol Mexido Staff
Contact Megan Meyer  Megan Meyer Sys Admin
Contact Helen Monasterio  Helen Monasterio Staff
Contact Jennifer Montijo  Jennifer Montijo Teacher
Contact Heather Moschberger  Heather Moschberger Teacher
Contact Lee Ann Powner  Lee Ann Powner Teacher
Contact Ada Quiles  Ada Quiles Staff
Contact Joanna Rivera  Joanna Rivera Teacher
Contact Nicholas Toscano  Nicholas Toscano Teacher
Contact Michele Vicente  Michele Vicente Teacher
Contact Anntonette Ybarra  Anntonette Ybarra Teacher

Mary Ann Rugel -  Kindergarten

Johanna Rivera  -  Kindergarten

Lisa Bauch - First Grade

Tonia Cole - First Grade

Deine Garner - Second Grade

Alexandra Casale - Second Grade

Stefanie DiLauri - Third Grade

Anntonette Ybarra - Third Grade

Mary McCaffrey - Fourth Grade

SunJoo Kim - Fourth Grade

Aubrey Nathan - Fifth Grade