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December: Kindergarten

This year at School 1, we are excited to have 2 Kindergarten classes.  Our Kindergarten teachers are Ms. Cole and Mrs. Baumann. In language arts, our students are working hard on learning the letters of the alphabet and the sounds each letter makes.  We also are beginning to read simple words.  Our young writers are also beginning to write their own stories!  In math, we have been counting and writing our numbers. 


Feburary Spotlight 2nd

Our 2nd graders are working very hard this year! Math with Ms. Generals includes small group activities and the use of technology to reinforce math skills. Students in Mrs. Romer's class enjoy book studies during Comprehension Club.


January: 1st Grade

"We are kicking off the New Year learning to become independent writers! We have been learning a lot of information about different topics! Ask a first grader: Who was Snowflake Bentley? Who is Jane Goodall? Who was Martin Luther King Jr.?  Look how hard we have been working here in first grade!"

Almanzar, Laura Teacher
Anderson, Megan Teacher
Barca, JoAnn Principal
Barca, JoAnn Assistant Principal
Bauch, Lisa Teacher
Butt, Anntonette Teacher
Calenda, Brigit Teacher
Cole, Tonia Teacher
Colon, Rosa Staff
Dilauri, Stefanie Teacher
Garner, Vermadeine Teacher
Generals, Denise Teacher
Gentiluomo, Melissa Teacher
Han, Lili Teacher
Hawryschuk, Mary Teacher
Henderson, Gayle Staff
Jaikissoon, Melissa Teacher
Jennifer, Sturges Teacher
Jones, Daniel Teacher
Kim, Sunjoo Teacher
Latunde, Christiana Teacher
Lovell, Nicole Teacher
Maas, Cheryl Staff
McCaffrey, Mary Teacher
Meyer, Megan Teacher
Moschberger, Heather Teacher
Powner, Lee Ann Teacher
Quince-McMillan, Kaela Sys Admin
Randion, Janelle Staff
Rogacki-Bauman, Suzanne Teacher
Romer, Lauren Teacher
Smith, Georgette Staff
Vicente, Michele Teacher