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Our History

Our Roots

Renaissance One, or Paterson Public School Number One, was created in 1992 to alleviate overcrowding in our district. It currently serves the elementary level from Pre-K through 5th Grade.

Entering our twenty first year, our focus remains on the study of humanities through the use of integrated thematic planning. Working together as a professional learning community, our unwaivering commitment of meeting academic needs has enabled us to, not only narrow, but close the achievement gap for the students we serve.

Our Plan

Our Action Plan addresses the needs of our students in a cohesive and organized manner, implementing differentiation of instruction. The departure point for meeting these expectations is the Common Core State Standards with a laser- like focus approach. Faculty and students strive to achieve standards through an integrated thematic approach preparing towards success when assessing using the Partnership of Assessment for Readiness for College and Career  in March and April.  The domains of Multiple Intelligence enable us to utilize a variety of activities inclusive of areas of concentration in  Music and Art via the Paterson Music Project and the participation of students  in the Art Club, to accommodate all teaching and learning styles. Implementation of the Responsive Classroom Program establishes a social and academic context for learning.

The Renaissance One Difference

The academic strength of School One stems from the faculty's dedication to providing a research-based, balanced literacy program, and  meeting the individualized needs of each student. Instructional strategies include mainstreaming and inclusion and research-based computer programs such as SuccessMaker, Read About, and Waterford, which addresses literacy and mathematics.

It is our vision and our mission to share responsibility with the entire educational community to provide a safe, caring environment. We support children emotionally, socially, and cognitively in an intellectually stimulating setting where individual ideas are valued.

New Jersey Star School

This commitment to excellence has resulted in our achieving and surpassing district, state, and federal benchmarks and all AYP indicators established by the NCLB. In 2002 we were named a Star School by the N.J. Department of Education. We are proud to have reached this milestone and been bestowed this academic honor, having been on of ten schools selected from a field of nearly eight hundred applicants. School One was the only urban elementary school selected.

The Future

We remain committed to refining our professional learning community, developing collective learning goals and fostering continuous school-wide improvement in preparing out students to achieve academic excellence.